Card Collection RTS

Mobile strategy where trained troops and wise orders can leads to victory. You fight with real players on PVP battlefields.

Original Gameplay

Combination of real time strategy and card collection game. Intuitive control design lets you order various troops on battlefield.

Visual Design

Original atmosphere in Iron Clash world was created for epic battlefields.  Apocalyptic steampunk combines machines, magic and science. Soldiers and units where created in terms of dangerous and warrior environment


Iron Clash gives you opportunity to fight enemies in real time battles and call friends to help. Every fight you go can have inspected result. Be ready!

Media Gallery


Rise to the highest leagues in real-time PVP battles. Get new infantry, equipment, aircraft and support cards, as well as unique hero cards. Choose your hero, with unique abilities and personal units. Participate in epic battles based on turn-based and real-time strategy