2011 - 2015

Enixan story starts in 2011, when a small team decided to try themselves in game development.

The first game should have met modern trends and players expectations. Moreover, we decided to focus on new features and original gameplay. Team targeted to succeed on social platforms. First achievements came with:

Fantasy Garden - 2013

Fantasy Garden is a fairytale where cute bears carry player to the world of dreams.
It was something new for the farm genre in 2013. It was possible to create amazing creatures, build magic buildings and travel to mysterious lands there. The game captured players by its adventures and graphics, therefore many people loved it and its unusual inhabitants

Golden Frontier - 2015

Golden Frontier was not just a farm, but a breathtaking adventure in the Wild West.
It attracted players by incredible stories, riddles of ancient civilizations and an exciting race for gold and other treasures. The game was extraordinary with its plot and characters. The game found a response in players' hearts.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

2015 - 2018

Next big jump in strategies and mobile gaming

In 2015 team started to moving forward to the exploration of new game genres. Obvious decision was to create a social strategy game. Therefore, Warbanner became a first great success in new field. At the same time Enixan were developing and moving to mobile market with its first mobile game: Cloud Farm.

Warbanner - 2015

Warbanner was our very first strategy and it immediately won hearts of strategy games fans. Colorful graphics and grand battles based on historical events favorably highlighted it in the gaming market.

Cloud Farm - 2016

Fabulous, with a heartfelt plot and an exciting gameplay, this game won a female auditory in the mobile gaming market. In addition, the cute six-eared cats touched even the most stringent players

Present time

New decade in new Style

Our team, creating social games, has grown professionally. No wonder that ideas of creating something bigger, something great and ambitious began to appear. Create a game that we are dreaming to play. So why not? Our story began with one idea, one dream, and the dream pushed us further, beyond our expectations.
Now our team is actively developing games in different genres with unique gameplay and graphics for PC and mobile devices.