Build the most beautiful city in the dream country area of Wild West.


Become the owner of the town in the game Homesteads!Create an ideal place to live in the Wild West! Plant and harvest, take care of animals and produce the materials you need for farming. Sell and exchange goods to develop your town. Build houses, factories and other structures to increase the comfort of residents.

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Start your farming life with the journey to the Golden Frontier!


Build a charming farm in the mountains, restore the mine and get all the gold nuggets. Go on an expedition in search of gold! Use the extracted materials for interesting crafts. Help your neighbors, fulfill orders and their tasks. To become a real tycoon of the West, you will need all the gold of the valley. You have many options - choose your own way!

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The cutest furry farm game


“Cloud Farm” is a fairy story, where every player can join unforgettable adventures, defeat evil wizard and make friends with cute furry local citizens. Magic Kingdom of Lumeria is in danger that is why Prince and Princess are here to save their home. You can join fairy adventures to explore infinite story, full of trips and mysteries. Explore hidden magic islands and shiny worlds, get new acquaintances, fairy items and exciting events.

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Create and command the strongest World army!

Iron Rage

Immerse in the atmosphere of the hot battles of the First World War in the style of a dieselpunk. Reveal the history of Imperial battles in the story mode of the game and crush your rivals. Feel the heat of battle immediately at the beginning of your journey. You are the Commander of the New Empire army. All responsibility for the combat power and preparation of new units for the battle is on your duty. Your task is extremely simple, at first glance - to assemble a strong army and fight against powerful renegades who violated the armistice.

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Card collection RPG


Thunder Bay is a unique CCG game based on a dark pirate fantasy setting. A magical world where pirates, soldiers, and beasts argue to prove their rights on sea shores. Choose your captain, collect your team and explore the danger and adventures that await in vast waters.