Game is original combination of classical card collection and RPG genres. Player chooses hero and creates deck to enhance his power.

Fantasy pirate world

Magical world where pirates, soldiers and beasts argues to prove their rights on sea shores.

Unique Game Mechanic

Game mechanic is designed exactly for mobile gaming. It gives new experience in card gameplay

Visual Art

Unique design created by our team, where each character and monster is a part of new exciting world.

Media Gallery


Three centuries of The Great Ice Disaster on the Radai continent changed everything. Last survivors united into great Empire of Three Suns. The biggest three cities: Meska, Eqias and Flelis became capitals and took control over nearest seashore. Rebels captured huge island Kaciu Sala and created Liberty State to confront the Empire. Ruins of the ancient city Hotran became their new home. However, no one expects that The Great Ice Disaster created a lot of magical creatures, monsters and even cults under the protection of the ocean or forest gods. All inhabitants of the Radai will meet together very soon and then nobody knows who will win.