Searching for your “Golden Frontier” in “Moy Mir” social network!

Have you ever dreamt about unbelievable adventures and finding of a real goldmine? Now it is possible in social network “Moy Mir” (Мой Мир – original title)! Join Clyde and huntsmen who will be great companions for you! Remember, gold can be only found by those who keep on searching!

Cześć! Let’s play “Totem” in Nasza-Klasa!

Friends, Martin and Jane keep on searching the ancient Totem of time in… Nasza-Klasa! 🙂 And we are really happy that one more our game is now available for Polish gaming audience! We further recall that you can also find other our games in, such as “Fantasy Garden” (“Świat Marzeń”) and “Cloud Kingdom” (“Królestwo…

Welcome Polish in “Totem” on Facebook!

Friends, we’ve got some really great news! Now Polish users can play “Totem” on Facebook in their native tongue. So it’s time for our Polish friends to join us! Welcome! meets “Fantasy Garden”!

Friends, we have such a great news! Keep widening horizons of your Dreams in the social network! Dip into the exciting world of miracles and wonderful fantasies! 🙂

Go on a search of a gold mine in our new game “Golden Frontier”!

Our dearest friends! It’s time for a great news – our latest game “Golden Frontier” has been launched on Experience exciting adventures and try to find a real treasure! Be sure, your friends are always with you – brave Clyde, pretty Mary and cute Bear will certainly help you in giving a good advice.…

Enjoy “Totem” on Facebook!

Friends, adventures of Martin and Jane keep going. Recently, our game “Totem” has been launched on Facebook! The game takes players to the ancient times, acquaint with aborigines and tribal chief Zikimo and offers to find the Totem of time. Travel in time, explore the mysteries while having fun!

Meet “Totem” in Moy Mir!

Friends, our game “Totem” has been launched on Moy Mir (Мой Мир – original title) recently. So now users of this social networking service have an opportunity to go back in time, unravel the mysteries of the ancient Totem, make a friendship with the tribal chief Zikimo and even tame a Dinosaur!.. Join us!