Japanese platform Aima welcomes “Cloud Kingdom”!

Friends, we have good news! Our game “Cloud Kingdom” has been launched on Japanese game platform Aima. Well, now royal heirs have even more brave helpers to overcome all obstacles and reach their goals! We also recall that Japanese players have already met fairytale world of Lumeria: earlier “Cloud Kingdom” was launched on game platform…

Create a history of Lumeria in our new game ”Royal Garden”!

Would you like to know what unbelievable adventures met citizens of Lumeria before the story of “Cloud Kingdom” began? In our new game “Royal Garden” kind magician Hastur accidentally opened Mysterious portal and let evil forces into the Kingdom. Help our old friends (King, Marlow, Priscilla and others) to dispel charms and relieve Lumeria!

Miners of „Golden Frontier” are going to Facebook!

The long wait is over! Finally, our game „Golden Frontier” is available for Facebook users. Sweeping landscapes, gentle and friendly characters, tireless huntsmen will conjure up exciting atmosphere of western world. Experience new adventures in foreign lands! Play “Golden Frontier” on Facebook!

“Cloud Kingdom” gets green light in the Netherlands!

Adventure of amusing Lumerian dwellers continue! Recently, “Cloud Kingdom” has been launched on Hyves – the number one social network in the Netherlands. The game offers their players to start a thrilling journey to the magic world with royal family and their cute furry helpers. Join it right now!

“Cloud Kingdom” breaks into Spil Games!

“Cloud Kingdom” is now available on the biggest gaming websites of the Spil Games company! We are very glad, that Prince and Princess found more friends, who can help them to reunite the Fairy Kingdom Lumeria. They surely will face a lot of unbelievable adventures and interesting tasks, mysterious creatures and tricky wizards. Start your…

Martin and Jane start speaking Spanish in our game “Totem”!

Such a good news! Our users can now find the new language version of “Totem” on Facebook 🙂 Along with English, Russian, German, French, Polish and Dutch, Spanish is now a fully playable tongue in wonderful world of kind Aborigines, wise Tribal chief Zikimo and curious archaeologists Martin and Jane. Join them!