“Odnoklassniki” are shrouded by magic of “Royal Garden”

Dear friends, from now on you can play our game “Royal Garden”  in social network “Odnoklassniki”. Help to dispel sorcery to free royal lands from the Dark and get rid of horrible Gremlins! The destiny of the Kingdom Lumeria depends on its brave citizens!

“Cosmic Garden” and “Fantasy Garden” in Indonesian gaming world

Such a good news! Both our games – “Cosmic Garden” and “Fantasy Garden” – have been released on Indonesian gaming platform QEON. Great adventures are waiting for the players who join a magical world of dreams and real space expeditions 🙂 Start your wonderful journey with cute bears and amusing aliens right now!

“Cloud Kingdom” is extending borders!

Fairytale Lumeria has recently come to Yahoo! Games. Lots of unbelievable adventures and acquaintances are waiting for its players. Now we have more friends who will help us to rebuild Kingdom and release it from evil magic!

“Royal Garden”: Moy Mir meets citizens of Lumeria

Now users of social network Мой Мир [Moy Mir] can join Lumerians and help them to defend royal lands. The world full of magic and wonders is waiting for all the players. Make your garden beautiful and prove that the King chose you fairly to save his possessions! 

Aima gladly meets “Totem”!

From now on Japanese game platform Aima is getting involved into fantastic story of friends-archaeologists who got back in time. A lot of adventures, mysteries and  discoveries are waiting for our players! We also recall that earlier “Totem” was launched on game platform Yahoo! Mobage and on social network Mixi.

“Cloud Kingdom” has one more official language!

Horizons of “Cloud Kingdom” are becoming wider and wider! From now on our characters speak Portuguese, which is one of the most widespread languages in the world! Uma grande aventura nos espera!

“Totem”: our Japanese audience keeps growing!

From now on there is a great opportunity to go in search of Totem in the social networking service Mixi. Explore ancient lands and get acquainted with aborigines and Tribal chief, find out secrets of time and even tame a blue Dinosaur! 🙂 We also recall, that recently “Totem” has also been released on another…

„Totem”: users of Yahoo! Mobage have joined the search for artefact

Friends, our game “Totem” has become available on the social gaming platform Yahoo! Mobage. Other games of Enixan Entertainment (“Cloud Kingdom” and “Fantasy Garden”) are familiar to users of the mentioned platform. And now they also have a great opportunity to join two young archaeologists who travel in time and do their best to come…