Characters of “Moon Valley” have visited Fotostrana!

Our game “Moon Valley” is on social network Fotostrana! How to remove a strong spell and dispel the clouds of fog above the fairy lands? Where has enchantress Selena gone? The player should find answers to these and many more questions and face a lot of unbelievable situations, but the adventures first! Hurry to join…

“Moon Valley” reveals its secrets to Moy Mir!

Hurry to visit world of fairy dreams in social network “Moy Mir” (Мой Мир – original title)! Martin the Guardian will certainly become your reliable friend who can guide you to the lands surrounded by a thick blanket of fog. A very important mission is waiting for the players – they have to find the…

The history of “Royal Garden” unfolds on Nasza-Klasa!

Polish social network Nasza-Klasa meets residents of “Royal Garden”! From now on our King will have even more reliable helpers who will save the lands from evil spells. We further recall that you can also find other our games in, such as “Fantasy Garden” (“Świat Marzeń”), “Cloud Kingdom” (“Królestwo w Chmurach”), “Totem” and “Golden…

“Royal Garden” starts its adventures in Fotostrana!

Friends, Lumeria’s citizens go to social network! Experience even more adventures in “Royal Garden” and join the fairy world! Kingdom’s history starts before our very eyes – don’t miss it 😉

Facebook is coming to help citizens of “Royal Garden”!

Welcome Lumeria world in the social network Facebook! Our game “Royal Garden” will tell you about the rise of kingdom. Don’t miss a chance to become a part of its history! Amusing characters, fairy adventures and exciting discoveries are waiting for you. Join us right now!

Welcome to “Moon Valley”!

Feel the magic of moonlight in “Moon Valley” – the new game from Enixan Entertainment. You will meet a reliable guide Martin the Guardian who will lead you to a marvelous world. Go on a search of a kind enchantress and return sweet dreams to people! Start your wonderful journey in social network VKontakte 😉

Looking for a Totem of time on Hyves!

Friends, from now on our game “Totem” is available in social network Hyves! Archaeologists Martin and Jane will not manage all the tasks without you! Getting stuck in the past they have to befriend aborigines and even tame a Dinosaur. Join a mysterious world of the game “Totem” and help guys to go back home!

Hyves meets miners of “Golden Frontier”

Go on a search of a goldmine in Dutch social network Hyves! Forest dwellers, brave huntsmen and fascinating landscapes are waiting for you in our game “Golden Frontier”. Go miners!