Decide the fate of your country on Facebook!

The greatest battles await you on Facebook! Follow the leader in you, join our latest game “Warbanner” and lead your army to amazing feats. For now the game is also available on such social networking sites as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Moy Mir,  Fotostrana and Nasza Klasa.      

Raise your “Warbanner” on Fotostrana!

Meet “Warbanner” on social network Fotostrana! Wage war on your enemies, make your settlement prosper and keep it defended. Join the army on Fotostrana right now!

Defend your settlement on social network Moy Mir!

Are you ready for the greatest battles in history? Team up with your army in our game “Warbanner” which is now available on social network Moy Mir (Мой Мир – original title). It’s your time to show a real courage under fire!  

Fight for your country on social network Odnoklassniki!

Would you be willing to fight for your country? Play “Warbanner” and try your hand in epic battles on Odnoklassniki! Follow your strategy, carry out an assigned mission and do the best to achieve a total victory over your enemies. Dare yourself!

“Cloud Farm” is hitting Play Market!

“Cloud Farm” is successfully starting out on Play Market! Our interactive farming game welcomes everyone who would like to take a wonderful trip to the fairy world of Lumeria. Don’t delay and take a try 😉 We have prepared a “Cloud Farm” video for you to check out. Enjoy!

Aima is looking for gold seekers!

Adventurers, “Golden Frontier” is waiting for you on Japanese game platform Aima! With plenty of miners find your unique path to wealth and follow forest trails in search of treasure. We further recall that you can play “Golden Frontier” on other Japanese sites, such as game platform Yahoo! Mobage and social network Mixi.