One more official language in Cloud Kingdom – Dutch!

Friends! We are really happy, that there is one more official language in Cloud Kingdom! From now on our friends from the beautiful motherland of tulips can enjoy our game in their native language! Welcome, Netherlands!

“Totem” is now on!

Friends, good news! Now users of social network Odnoklassniki can join Martin and Jane and help them to unravel the mysteries of ancient Totem. With these young archaeologists players need to find their professor and return back home! Let’s play “Totem” together!

Adventure calls you in our new game “Totem”!

This is a great moment for us here at Enixan Entertainment: our latest game project “Totem” is finally released on! Interactive story offers to travel in time with young archaeologists Martin and Jane. Friends need to find their professor, make a friendship with tribal chief Zikimo and discover the mystery of ancient Totem.

¡Fiesta time! “Cloud Kingdom” is now available in Spanish!

“Cloud Kingdom” opens up new horizons. Now it is available in Spanish! We are happy that now hispanic users on Facebook can enjoy the game in their native language. We hope it will help them to defeat evil wizard Hastur and restore their kingdoms!  

Konichiwa! “Cloud Kingdom” is available in Japan

“Cloud Kingdom” has been launched on the PC-based social gaming platform, Yahoo! Mobage and on the biggest social networking site in Japan Mixi, as well. Now players from Japan may join a magical world of the fair Kingdom of Lumeria, arrange the household, establish trade with the locals and destroy evil wizard Hastur. We further…

“Fantasy Garden” is gaining an online audience in Japan

“Fantasy Garden” keeps making its move into the Japan’s free-to-play social-gaming space. The game is now available on Japanese PC game platform Aima. We further recall that Japanese users have already gotten acquainted with “Fantasy Garden”, which was launched on Yahoo! Mobage game platform.

«Fantasy garden» in TOP 10 on

«Fantasy garden» keeps on leading the ТОР 10 apps on the Polish social network! Today the game continues to hold the 8th place in the ranking. “Fantasy garden” is an amazing adventure into the world of dreams, magic and fantasy where everything is ruled by the imagination. Charming bears and other friendly animals are always ready…

“Cloud Kingdom” speaks German and French!

Facebook users in Germany and France can now play «Cloud Kingdom» in their native language. Since a lot of our players are from Europe, the game has been made available in both German and French. We further recall that it was previously available in three languages on Facebook: Russian, English and Polish. «Cloud Kingdom» is an exciting…